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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the DRL Machining Kft deal with?

We have huge knowledge of machining, tooling and jig manufacturing because the owners are worked in tool maufacturing company cold forming and injection tools for many years in cad/cam and project departments

What are the main services of the company?
  • Unique parts machining for jigs and inspection fixtures
  • Cold forming tools design and manufacturing
  • Unique tool components machining for cold forming tools and injection tools
  • Small and medium serie parts machining
What materials does the business work with?

Tool steels (1.2379, 1.2842 , 1.1730, powder metallurgical steels), aluminium, ampco bronze alloy, copper, ect.

Do you have your own machines?

Yes, our 100% Hungarian-owned company has the following machines!

  • HURCO BMC 4020
  • HURCO VMX 40
  • HURCO VMX 42
  • Fanuc a 0 i a
Who supports production?

Our company currently employs 7 people. Each of our CNC machine operators has many years of professional experience.

Is it possible to deliver the finished product to your home?

Yes! Our company has its own 1 ton payload truck to transport parts.